“We Launched our business with trust, commitment and hard work.”

The company’s activities first began in 1999s, under the name of PT Bahari Caraka Sarana Indonesia. The company originally engaged in suppoting the Mother Company, PT Buana Centra Swakarsa, as a Freight Forwarding. Cooperating with other national ad international companies, and grounded on mutual trusts and our reputation for reliability and experience, the company’s activities have continued develop.

Starting from scratch

Today, Bahari Caraka Sarana Indonesia has transform into a Growth company with four different area of expertise (Exim Custom Clearance, Project handling, Stevedoring and Port handling, Inter Island) to manage.

as a member of BCS Logistics, we offers a flexible service options to arrange the inter island transportation and from country to country.

as a member of BCS Logistics, we also provide customs clearance services for export and import.

as a member of BCS Logistics, we has experiences to handle bulk material and break bulk as well including :

Steel product, chemical product, cement and others material products.

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